What We Do

Every year we plant millions of trees all over the United States in an effort to maintain our green planet. As the largest global plant species trees are vital for maintaining a balanced ecosystem. Trees provide a number of benefits to their environment including but not limited to: producing oxygen, stabilizing soil, combating climate change through carbon storage, and filtering air. We strive to plant as many trees as possible in order to combat the myriad being removed.

We are reforestation experts who offer top of the line services in both the public and private sectors.  We are committed to respect, safety, quality and attending to the needs of our clients and environment.

Our mission is to prevent deterioration and restore vegetation to improve ecosystems. We provide the following services:





Environmental Restoration Planting

Wetland Restoration:

Wetlands serve to protect our shores from wave action, reduce the impact of floods, absorb pollutants and improve water quality. They are also habitats for a wide array of plants, animals and all kinds of living species that can only thrive and survive in these specific environments.  Our company concentrates on nourishing these environments and rebuilding these areas when they are impaired, so that our ecosystems can successfully stay intact.




Reforestation & Habitat Enhancement:

Trees and plant life have an essential role in sustaining and enhancing quality of life, despite the level of urbanity and development in the area.  We understand the importance of planting and maintaining trees so that we may all enjoy on a healthier Earth.  Reforestation Solutions specializes in planting a number of diverse species of trees all over the United States and is committed to protecting our environment.

Vegetation Management



The work is not done when the trees are planted, trees require upkeep in order to survive. Vegetation management services include: tree pruning, brush cutting and removal, application of herbicides and pesticides and removal of hazardous plantings.